Top Hacks to Play Hungry Evolution Shark Efficiently

Top Hacks to Play Hungry Evolution Shark Efficiently

If you love arcade games then you should try out Hungry Shark Evolution game. This game as the name suggests is shark based. In order to survive, you will have to eat as much as you can. You also need to avoid other dangerous objects that can kill the shark.

If you have already played the game and not being able to advance in it then you can take the help of these hungry shark evolution hacks.

Watch the Videos and Trailer for Coins and Gems

Prior to heading out to the sea and wreaking havoc, you should tap on the free coins and gems shop. You will be able to locate it by tapping on the diamond option. Each there are some specific number of trailer and you will be offered a gem for every video select to watch. When you watch these videos, you will be given 100 coins for each watch. Make this daily habit before you start playing the game. However, there might be days where you not much videos to watch.

Procedure to Deal with a Giant Crabs

You can find the giant crabs on the basic map by finding out lair of each one on the left hand side. Find out the dungeon entrance gate to fight these massive fights. If you obtain the Megalodon shark then you will be able to deal with the giant crabs much conveniently. You will be able to purchase the accessory of crab form and make more damages to the giant crabs. You need to keep in mind that bigger the crab, longer will be the length of the attack.

Collect the Daily Reward

You need to collect all the reward that is present in the Daily Reward Treasure Chest. It will give you 100 coins on one day, 200 coins on the second day, and so on. On the fifth it offers 5 gems and starts the cycle once again.